Curvet glass

Many glass typologies

01_float 02_extraclear 03_coloured parsol 04_silver-plated 05_stratified 06_ double-glazing 07_low carbon (pyrolytic and magnetronic) 08_anti-reflective glass 09_selective and solar control glass 10_frosted glass 11_anti-slip glass 12_lacquered glass 13_printed glass 14_reflecting glass 15_fire-resistant glass

Curvet productions

_survey on site_cutting_shaping_grinding_drilling_sandblasting_silkscreen printing_enameling_toughening_chemical toughening_glueing_bending with toughening_bending without toughening_heat soak test_fusion_lamination_double-glazing_electronics insertion_components assembly_transport

Treatments and personalisation

T23 _ protective filmsT24 _ at solar controlT25 _ for light and heatT26 _ safetyT27 _ personal injuryT28 _ anti-graffitiT29 _ decorationsT30 _ colorationsT31 _ specials (silkscreen printing pictures, photograph, colour glass, coloured and printed pvb, transfert decoration)T32 _ noise-cancellingT33 _ anti-intrusionT34 _ photochromaticT35 _ led providedT36 _ curvet shield ® T37 _ doctor brill ®T38 _ emotional night and day

Bending typologies

A01 _ Regular radius bendingB02 _ Standard bendingC03 _ Special bendingD04 _ Cylindrical bending with level partsE05 _ Conical bendingF06 _ Spherical bendingG07 _ Special curves and shapesH08 _ ColumnsI09 _ Curved double-glazingL10 _ Big dimensions (max 3200×6000)